Faith Formation

Religious Education

Registration: There are forms on the window sill in the vestibule.
Judy will be in Sammons Hall immediately following both Masses at St. Patrick’s and in the Fr. Norcott room at St. Brigid’s

Classes: All classes are held in the parish center across the street.
Grades 1-8 9:15- 10:30
Grade 9/1st year Confirmation 1:00 – 2:00
Grade 10/2nd year Confirmation

Dates of Importance:

9/10/17 Start of classes grades 1-8 9:15-10:30,
Grade 9/1st year Confirmation 1:00-2:00

9/17/17 Children’s Mass 8:30 am

9/24/17 Parents Meeting for all Confirmation students 1st and 2nd year 9:15 Sammons Hall

10/29/17 Start of class for 2nd year/10th grade Confirmation 12:00 – 1:30

11/19/17 Children’s Mass

12/17/17 Parents of First Communion and Reconciliation Meeting Sammons Hall

4/5/18 Confirmation practice

4/7/18 Confirmation 4pm Mass

4/15/18 Children’s Mass Last day of classes. Breakfast will be severed in Sammons Hall Parents are invited.

5/6/18 First Reconciliation

5/13/18 First Communion

Faith formation Faculty

Faith Formation Director: Judy Piedmonte 315-652-2701

Faith formation Teachers:
1st Grade - Mrs. G (Diane Goodnough)

2nd Grade - First Communion/Reconciliation – Joanne Bataglia

3rd Grade - Meg Burns

4, 5, 6th Grades - Kathy Tynan

7, 8th Grades – Maureen Young

9th Grade/1st year Confirmation- Joanne Bataglia

10th Grade/2nd year Confirmation – Colleen Costello & Maribeth Elia

If you need to speak with one of our teachers please call the Rectory and we will put you in touch with them 315-475-2185

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